Chalcedon City

Chalcedon City

What is Chalcedon City known for? Is there a particular trade? Is it overly militant?

Home of the Calcedonian Magigarchy and some say the birthplace of magic, though this is widely disputed. Ruled by the Shadow Council a collection of wizards who’s identities are concealed from the world and each-other.


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The Council never meets in person, but use special tele-presence crystals that project glowing columns in the capital building known as The Hall of Shadows. In-fact, all administrators use the crystals, the only beings within the hall art petitioners or people seeking services from the government. New wizards are admitted into the ranks of government only at the lowest levels and rise from there.

Issues are relegated to smaller departments and committees and only rise to the great council when they are serious and far reaching.

Because the council is anonymous the character and disposition of the city-State has fluctuated over the years.

Chalcedon City

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