The Quartz Monolith

A Proposition

Rising a hundred feet over the western shore of Chalcedon, the Quartz Monolith stands in stark contrast to the rolling hills and fields around it. No-one knows where it came from, though the dwarves and crystal-kin are often blamed.

A team of archeologists and philosophers have arrived from the city to study the monolith and discover whether its secrets are a threat or an asset to the Chalcedon Empire. Their studies have revealed two things so far: the quartz holds some kind of magical power and is incredibly – some would say impossibly – old.

The academics have blasted a tunnel into the monolith itself, revealing a honeycomb of corridors inside. Of the forty surveyors sent to investigate, only one returned. Whatever she saw in there left her almost catatonic with fear.

After many days journey, you have arrived in Quartzcamp and stand in front of Magnus Nielsen, grand theologist of Chalcedon City. He is telling you how happy he is you answered his summons and is keen to discuss the terms of your exploration with you. In one hand he holds a bunch of contracts and non-disclosure agreements to be signed; in the other, a sample of your reward: a quartz dagger, sharp enough to cut steel like paper.

What do you do?

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